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Resource Page: Pesticide Safety & Environmental Education

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Information for County Extension Offices and Field Faculty

2012 Private Pesticide Recertification List by County

List of certified private applicators certification expiring in 2012 sorted by county in a specially formatted EXCEL file.

Recertification Workshops

Workshop Development

Workshop Module: Introduction and Certification - Use in all workshops as is.
Topic Standard 1: Laws and Regs.

Workshop Module: Record Keeping – Use in all workshops as is.
Topic Standard 11) Record Keeping. Can hide selected slides if needed.

Workshop Module: Herbicides and Water Quality – MDA PPT. Can skip slides (hide them) if too long but can not make changes to any slide.

Workshop Module: PPE:Gloves – Use in all workshops as is. Can skip slides if too long.

Workshop Module: Transportation and Storage – Use in all workshops. You can not modify any slides but may skip slides if not enough time.

Workshop Module: Sprayer Calibration – This module was developed by Ryan Miller and Brad Carlson. There are handouts to go with the PPT.

Workshop Module: Waste Pesticides and Container Disposal – Use at all workshops. Can skip slides or add slides but can not change any slides.

Workshop Module: Pest Management – all workshops. Educators develop their own module.
Topic Standard 5) Pests – Regional/County Educators.

  • See MDA topic standards facts sheet for more info on this topic standard
  • Include in this module IPM Framework for managing crop pests

Workshop Module: Fungicides. Can adapt if needed

  • 2012 Fungicides (2.49 MB PPT) this module was developed by Liz Stahl and Dean Malvick. A few TurningPoint slides were added for 2012. Slides 28-33 are hidden.

Other modules you may use if covered all of the above

Other Resources for Workshops

The following are optional resources to support your work with the workshops.