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What is evaluation?

Program evaluation is the use of systematic inquiry to gather data for the purpose of making decisions about a program, improving a program, or increasing understanding of a program. Before you can evaluate your program, you need to know what it is expected to achieve and how it is going to achieve it.

View evaluation resources on the Extension intranet.

The goal of evaluations is to:

  • Produce data that demonstrates the value of your program.
  • Give you an idea of what your program is and is not doing well and therefore how to improve your program/program plan.
  • Support prioritization and decision making.
  • Provide sound data for the Federal Report.
  • Help you with promotion.

Evaluation staff can help educators and specialists:

  • Clarify program goals/priorities.
  • Develop an evaluation plan.
  • Choose data collection method, such as a survey.
  • Analyze data.
  • Report findings for specific audiences.
  • Complete a needs assessment.
  • Understand and use evaluation results.

Contact Whitney Meredith, evaluation specialist, with questions.

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